Key Finder

Never lose your keys again!

Ready to feel organised?  More Aussies trust Key Finder ® for easy location of their lost keys, wallet and more.  Simply “tap the app” and your Key Finder® beeps with a 98dB clearly audible alarm, so you can safely find your keys and get back to living your best life!

Save time, stay organised!
Australia's Bestselling
Key Finder®

Losing your keys is a thing of the past! 
Now you can confidently get on with life with the instant reliability of our Key Tracker.
For around $25 you can feel 100% more organised and productive!

Super Battery Life

12 months battery life
$2 ea to replace

Loud Alarm

Clearly audible soundchip
3x louder at 98dB

Key Finder

Bluetooth access

Use one touch app to locate your keys - easy!

Lightweight 10gm

Heavy Duty design in micro 36mm size

At Key Finder we offer a 12 month replacement guarantee.  Each Key Finder® is made from the highest quality components and meets exacting production standards.

With over 50,000 downloads, our bluetooth app is simple, reliable and works!

Our Key Finder Pro® 🔑 uses bluetooth technology to ensure a clear and swift recognition of your key tracker from you mobile phone app. This means you can effectively find your tracker indoors across 10m and outdoors across 80m.

Key Finder ®🔑 works as a bluetooth tracker – add your app to your phone for when you need to locate your lost keys. It’s simply a matter of opening the app, and seeing your lost keys located on a map on your phone. The Key Finder ®🔑 leads your phone (and you) directly towards the location. It’s an effective bluetooth tracker.

Key Finder ®🔑  uses bluetooth tracker technology to help find your lost keys. The most important feature of bluetooth is that it does not require the internet to connect – it uses it’s own radio tech to do this wirelessly. The bluetooth receiver works as a bridge between your phone and the bluetooth tracker, so that you can connect.

The Key Finder ®🔑 is a bluetooth tracker which does not drain your battery. The only time you use your battery is when you are seeking out your Key Finder® Pro🔑.  Having your bluetooth tracker turned on, even accidentally, isn’t going to drain your Key Finder ®🔑 battery, or your phone’s battery.

Yes! You can order right now and expect delivery in the next few days.
We are proudly an Australian supplier offering personally guaranteed Bluetooth Trackers under the Australian Brand Name Key Finder®🔑
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