Welcome to Keyfinder® 🔑 We’re so happy to be able to offer you the best quality bluetooth tracker to locate your lost keys in Australia. It’s been a journey getting to this point, and we have lots to share about why we love KeyFinder and how we came to be selling them.

Lost Keys story

First, I’d like to introduce myself – my name is Bren and I am the person behind the KeyFinder brand. I came to KeyFinder after an extensive research and experimentation stage where I sampled what was available on the market and what worked and what wasn’t so much.  I’m pretty confident this means we can offer the Best Key Finder Australia wide.

But maybe I should go back another step, to the times BEFORE Key Finder, the dark, dreary days of frustration and annoyance when we lost our keys regularly and a little too often for our liking.  Back then, no one had even heard of a key tracker – it was the stuff of science fiction!

KeyFinder bluetooth tracker

I was going to go into detail and share the times I lost my keys – going way back to New Year’s Eve in 1995 when I had my first car. I was on holiday up at Shoal Bay for a few nights and after celebrating New Years pretty hard I woke up at my mates’ place and couldn’t find my keys.  Anywhere. I looked all through the apartment and was throwing stuff out of my bags – what a way to start the new year right?


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Anyway, they didn’t “turn up” as everyone seemed to promise and I was left getting a bus back home. Luckily I had a spare key at home, which I pout in my pocket and then caught the bus back up to Shoal Bay.  Bingo! I could drive my car home on Jan 3rd and start the New Year….  Lost keys can be the most frustrating thing on earth!  I really needed the best key finder money can buy!

Since that time, I have largely managed to keep a hold of my keys, although there was another time when my car was stolen in 2002 and the insurance company needed to see the spare key before they would pay out my insurance.

I searched high and low looking for it, but it was nowhere to be found – until somehow I stumbled upon it – on top of my fridge of all places!  So there was another example of the frustration and helplessness of losing keys.  Then, as now, I was unaware of just how Key Finder Pro could make my life so much simpler.

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It didn’t help getting married and my wife being a bit of a key loser as well. We tried so many different strategies – having a key hook, a “special key place” where would promised to always put the keys on entering the house… They didn’t work.  Look, normally I’m the most composed and easy-going bloke you’re likely to ever meet – but I can still recall those rare few times I became flustered or impatient after spending those last few minutes before leaving the house looking for lost car keys.

The final straw was losing the car keys – and then realising we had also lost the spare – or that the spare had disappeared whilst we were moving house. NO SPARE KEY meant we were reduced to calling a locksmith to reset the keys and disable the engine immobilizer. $420 later – I sat down and a few hours after I was beginning of our wireless KeyFinder®🔑. The rest, as they say, is here for you to buy, online, at the best prices in Australia…