Key Finder Review

Key Finder® Review

Thank you for reading this Key Finder Review – it really means a lot to me!  Hi My name is Bren and I came to launch KeyFinder® after some real life challenges – LOSING MY KEYS! 😂

Key Finder® Review

The reason it’s so weird for me to be writing a Key Finder Review is simple. 

I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t describe myself as disorganised.  I have a business, I have a wife and three daughters, and I have plenty of things going on at the same time.  And I can handle all this and still find space to be a regular parkrunner and keep hitting the mat with my own yoga practice. 

But losing my keys – or misplacing my keys – was a major thing in my life.  And I was tired of it.  That’s where we literally stumbled across KeyFinder®

KeyFinder Review

Are you always Losing Car Keys?

I drove my car everyday and at work I had a spot for my keys, so I put them there.  Mostly.  But other times I would arrive and go straight to the next project and completely forget where I had left my keys.  It was enough to drive me nuts!  And to find Key Finder Pro!

BUT – to be completely honest, I wasn’t the only one struggling in this department.  Well, I’m not going to mention any names, but I definitely wasn’t THE ONLY ONE!  Let’s just say we might have the need for a couple or even three of the best bluetooth key trackers.

So I looked hard at what was on offer and – really?  It was a bit disappointing.  I liked the idea of keytags, but they were not really what I was looking for.  I liked the look of tile trackers, but they were too expensive.  We wanted to find the Best key finder Australia had to offer.

I saw some of the crap on offer on ebay – but it was all in languages I couldn’t translate or simply didn’t work for me here in Australia in 2020.  It’s true – I bought each and every alternative to KeyFinder® out there and I wrote this Key Finder Review to share exactly what is the best available on the market.

Seriously though, moving forward, we were really feeling the pain from misplaced, or simply lost keys.

We had places to go, appointments, and business meetings – but I was turning up a few minutes late or completely frazzled – and all because of what?

  • Lost keys.
  • Misplaced keys.
  • Car Key Finder App
  • Keys still in the front door.
  • Keys on the bedside table.
  • Keys in the bathroom.
  • Keys next to the TV.

There had to be a better way.  And, fortunately, there was.  A wireless key finder.  I found it.  KeyFinder®

Anyway, back to

the KeyFinder Review.

Here right now I’m getting ready for a review of the bluetooth trackers I have in front of me.

The brief lowdown is this – you get what you pay for.

I will be sharing the performance of the $5 lost key finder I bought of ebay, which was such a disappointment I wondered why they would even bother listing and selling it.

Seriously, I put it on my keyring, then downloaded the app as instructed with the little booklet – and then nothing happened.

Key Finder Australia

I updated the app, I refreshed the phone, I even turned it off and then back on again – NOTHING.

So I checked the battery was inserted correctly – tick. Then I even replaced the battery – tick. STILL NOTHING!

So I can basically chuck that model straight in the bin without another thought – unless I want to pursue the $5 I lost buying it in the first place.

But honestly, I couldn’t be bothered with chasing up the $5 – or leaving a salty review – so I’ll just leave it at that and let the next customer find out for themselves – caveat emptor – Buyer beware as they say!

Bluetooth Key Tracker Reviews

Anyway, moving on, the next two models were very similar in performance and value for money.

I had assumed that there may be a bigger difference because the cost differential was $20 versus $35 but no.

They were disappointingly very very similar in performance and the only significant difference was mildly disparate packaging and presentation and branding.

I’m trying to be serious here. Of course there may be some minor technical details that are different between the two – for example one had a slightly louder ring or the ring tone was more easily distinguished – but overall they were very very similar.

This is why I’m completely encouraging you to set aside any other factors you may have considered previously and choose the Key Finder Pro. It’s the best I found on the market and for two significant reasons.

1 – Ring Loudness. Loud Ring!

At 98dB – this is loud enough to hear across a room – you can trust Key Finder Pro across modern open plan living spaces. I’ve checked with statistics for loudness and when you’re talking about roughly the same loudness as a lwanmower which is approx 90dB and a rock concert which chimes in at 110dB – 98dB is completely adequate for many of us in a domestic setting.

Loudness is importnat with the key Finder Pro as it means you can simaply tap the app and the loudness of the Key Finder will alert you to where it is.

Think about it for a moment. With some of the less expensive competitors on the market, the ring of the unit is less loud, and you find yourself having to virtually “shut down” the entire house so you can hear the tinny little beep beep of the key tracker unit. It makes an already frustrating situation (losing your car keys) even more tedious when everyone has to shut down their devices and sit in silence whilst you tramp around listening for the telltale beeping sound.

You might not get this now – but believe me, having three daughters and a busy household in the midst of life and then having to STOP EVERYTHING whilst I search for a tinny weak little beep beep bluetooth key tracker… It gets very awkward and yawn worthy very quickly.

OK, so the other most importnat thing with the Key Finder Pro is that the app works well and is completely simple to use. It’s been downloaded 50k + times and once installed it DOESN’T DRAIN YOUR PHONE BATTERY. I know, it’s a nasty surprise to add an app and then have it drain your phone battery over and again. No nasty surprises, right?

Oh, and ANOTHER THING about the KeyFinder Review you may find really healpful is the weight and size of the unit itself. It’s only 35mm square, which is tiny in the palm of your hand, and compares alongside a 50c coin in Australia. (By the way we only sell to Australia and we use Australia Post for all our delivery)

Being small in size is another added bonus of the Key Finder Pro, as we didn’t want a huge TILE shaped object clogging up your handbag or pocket! Let’s face it, the device needs only use a simple battery and some bluetooth tech to perform it’s magic – it’s not rocket science! We don’t want to be lugging around a tile any more than you do. Key Finder Pro, please?

Alongside the really nifty size, we are also delighted that the Key Finder Pro only weighs in at under 10g, which is mostly the weight of the battery. At this weight, you will barely notice the added impost to your carry bag, as 10g is a third the weight of a normal ballpopint pen you might be carrying also. So THREE (3) Key Finder Pro = 1 biro. Heavy? Not on your life.

And whilst we are talking about the battery, it’s also tiny, it’s cheap (2 for around $5 at Bunnings) and it lasts for ages inside your Key Finder Pro.

Hop you enjoyed the Key Tracker Review.